Welcome to Mister Smith's world of 'Paris 1927.' Listen to the complete, incomplete demo of the musical revival 'Paris 1927' adapted from the surreal play contained in the book 'Paris 1927.' Includes the beautiful 'I Can Only Dream of You' and the powerful and moving 'Intimate Chagrin.' Enjoy! Copyright © 2018 Mister Smith. All rights reserved.

Logo For Paris 1927 Bienvenue Life is but a Dream Dice and Door 1 Love Is Gay I Will Remember You Dice and Door 2 Take Care Type and Door 1 This Damn Machine Lather, Rinse, Repeat Type and Door 2 Everyone Is Welcome Canvas and Door 1 I Can Only Dream of You The Rainbow at Night Canvas and Door 2 Only One Direction Rumors Bubbles The End of the World Everything's Out There The Exquisite Corpse Je Cherche Tell Me The Song of Opposites Circle Full of Rhyme Voilà et Voici Maybe It's Time Revival Goodbye Intimate Chagrin Looking for Dick Ode to Oy Hunger Get Rich (or Die Tryin') Things Must Change Paris 1927 Chaos The End of the Beginning The Complete, Incomplete Soundtrack Continuous Play Musical Revival Soundtrack Soundtrack to 'Paris 1927' Characters Synopsis Creation Contribute Contact